For DEFI Group, the spectacular outdoor advertising of tomorrow is an advertising that is mindful of concerns of today’s world. Therefore, it is important to us to have an eco-responsible policy in our approach.

Eco-responsible: what does that mean?

Materials with high ecological performance

  • Ecological inks
    Low energy lighting systems
    Positive energy devices

Local suppliers

  • Signature of an ethical charter by suppliers
  • Regular inspections by our local technical teams


  • Recycling of devices at the end of their life
  • Use of recycled fabric

Committed partnerships

MediaGraphic Group with their WinWin solution

Thanks to our collaboration with MediaGraphic Group, we are able to analyse and optimise the environmental impact of products such as advertising banners using an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method.

It is also an opportunity for the brand to recycle its advertising canvas and choose what is done with it (donations to associations, creation of goodies, etc.)

Pureti and their anti-pollution solution

We give brands the opportunity to use Pureti’s “Clean” technology in their communication campaigns, a solution to reduce the air pollution.

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